Your direct sales marketplace for food


Discover a world of food and buy directly from the source. Pick up on location or receive it at your door.


Grow it, make it, forage for it. Then connect with the world to sell or trade your food directly with consumers.


A birthday cake? Sausages with thyme? Want something made just for you?Post a request to get it on demand.

Get what you want from where you want it on Neeach


Search by product or find what’s around you on the map.


Pay sellers directly with your credit card or PayPal account.


Receive it at home or pick it up from the seller.

Sell or trade your products to consumers anywhere


It’s free, it’s fast, and there’s no minimum quantity required. Use your phone or pc.


Receive payment directly from buyers into your PayPal account. Neeach applies a low 3% fee only when you make a sale.


Set your own terms for delivery or allow customers to pick up items from your location.

Request a product you want and get it on demand


If you can eat or drink it, you can post a request for it.


Accept the offer from the user who best matches your terms.


Receive it at home or pick it up from the seller.

Rate and review users

At Neeach, all users have a voice. Read ratings and reviews for other users to ensure that your requirements are met. Give feedback to sellers when you buy an item to help guide others.

Follow your favorite users

Keep track of the products and news from your favorite users so that you don’t miss out on items that you want.

Communicate directly

Neeach is a direct sales platform and our internal messaging functionality ensures that you can speak directly with those you are dealing with.

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