About Neeach

Welcome to Neeach - the online social hub for food lovers to connect, share and discover a world of edible adventures within a global community.

Here’s a little bit about who we are, what we do and why food lovers worldwide choose to be part of our community.

Who are we?

We have two great passions:

1) Good food

2) People who love good food

Neeach is the result of those two passions. We love the food and we love the people behind it, from small-scale farmers to chefs and restaurateurs, to home cooking enthusiasts sharing recipes from their kitchens. We realised back in 2014 that there was no place online where all these people could connect, united by a shared love of fabulous food and drink, so we decided to make one.

What do we do?

Neeach is an open online community exclusively for food lovers. When we say “open” we mean exactly that. Anyone who shares our values and passion for great food and drink can join and it’s free to do so.

Connect, share, discover

We provide a social hub for our members to communicate within the global Neeach community. This might be connecting with others who share your particular food passions – co-founder Christian, for example, is something of an expert on mushrooms. You might want to share a restaurant review or a recipe, or talk about an article you’ve read this week that you loved or really got your goat. You can also browse our mine of foodie content to discover new trends, places to go or find new products to try in our marketplace.

Got something delicious to sell?

It’s easy to sell via Neeach. You set the price, receive payment through our simple sales platform and arrange delivery or collection, all directly with your customers.

We understand that if you’re a small producer, dealing with large distributors or implementing your own e-commerce system is expensive. We want to be accessible, so it’s free to join, with only a 3% handling fee on any sales you make.

 About our founders:



Christian Angell Isaksen loves exotic, hard to find, food and is never afraid to try something new. He is a mushroom expert and excellent cook.



David Carter Shinn is a homebrewer and beer enthusiast. He loves Italy, hates food waste and likes to eat at strange places.









Why choose Neeach?

As well as being passionate about our food, which means going beyond the supermarket shelves, we have four strongly interlinked values:



There’s no cost to join and we’re open for contributions from all members. We believe that this makes our community friendly and diverse, and we can offer more…...

Freedom of choice

Our members can access the information they need to make conscious choices about their food and drink based on values such as…...


Food production methods such as small-scale, home-based or organic contribute to reducing food waste and carbon emissions, improved biodiversity and better animal welfare, leading to…...

Food diversity

Industrialised food production lacks variety and inhibits biodiversity. Reducing the need for producers to rely on big retailers means a more diverse food market that preserves cultural heritage and traditions, bringing plenty of new discoveries for our members.

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